Families Affirming Community Safety (FACTS)

Law Enforcement

We welcome probation, parole, or police to join our cause.   We know that most of these officers, who have knowledge of registrant treatment, agree that this law will make the situation worse, not better.  Many registrants are on the verge of quitting therapy because of the draconian nature of this law.  We welcome experts to testify, so we can preserve the ongoing rehabilitation of registrants.   We know the correct solution is to give registrants hope for rehabilitation, not destroy their life.  This is not about trying to get predators ‘off the hook’.  This is about trying to make laws that will promote rehabilitation, and appropriate punishment for registrants.  Registrants who do not pose an elevated risk to the public, should not be publically hung for vigilante fodder.

Professionals dealing directly with registrants, who understand LB-285, are nearly in unanimous agreement that this law will make the problem worse, and unmanageable.  The law labeled the ‘Child Protection and Safety Act’ will make the public at higher risk, and hurt a great number of children. Other states having enacted similar legislation, have shown that it will create public panic resulting in vigilante crimes, further burdening law enforcement.  In Ohio, for example, 911 has been overloaded with calls because of hysteria induced by similar law.   In Nebraska, there will be 1000s of families disrupted.  Their children harassed, assaulted and banished because of public over-reaction to this law.   The majority of registrants, who are going to be punished under this act, do not pose an elevated risk to the public.  Every study, even the U.S. Department of Justice shows the numbers the media pushes are tremendously exaggerated.   The general public has been told that these laws are only applied to predators.  The truth is, that you don’t even have to have a victim to be labeled a ‘sex offender’.  The ‘general knowledge’ the public has about ‘sex offenders’ is based more on wildly exaggerated statistics, rather than fact.

Please read the ‘About Us’ for a definition of what we stand for.  We know many registrants do not pose a risk to public, and this law becomes nothing more than a modern day Salem Witch Hunt.  The problem with this law, is that it punishes the least offensive person equally to the most offensive person, and makes no distinction to registrants without victims, and registrants whom have completed rehabilitation.

The following organizations formed a coalition, and are already on board with us fighting this law:
Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault,
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers,
The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center,
Detective Robert A. Shilling,
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault,
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault,
The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

Contact us at: info@constitutionaldefense.org


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