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December 17, 2009

When is ‘tough on crime’ too much?

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Most supporters say, that there is no such thing as ‘too tough’ on registered ‘sex offenders’.  But they are missing the point.  They want to be harsh on pedophiles.  So do we.  The public just doesn’t realize that the registry encompasses many crimes, not just child rape.  Yes, let’s punish pedophiles, better yet, let’s lock them up, and throw away the key.   But stop there.   Don’t punish EVERYONE for the crimes of a few.

Politicians have lumped so many crimes into the registry, that you don’t even have to have a victim to be a registrant.   Because of this, now the majority of registrants are not even dangerous.  And laws like this do not even consider therapy or rehabilitation.

The worst part of laws such as LB-285, is that they are so degrading and punishing, that they go beyond the registrant, to strip rights from the spouse and children as well.  They punish the spouse and children just as much, if not more, than the registrant themselves.  That’s when you have gone too far.  Laws that strip rights from people related to the registrant, simply because they are related to the registrant, go far beyond ‘justice’.  Politicians that support stripping rights of family members, simply because they are family members should be immediately removed from office for malfeasance.

Supporters often prefer to castrate everyone charged with ‘sexual assault on a minor’.   What about the case of a 17 year old having consensual sex with a 15 year old.  That 17 year old is charged with ‘sexual assault on a minor’, so we castrate all 17 year olds that have sex?  What if that 17 year old was a girl, and the 15 year old was a boy?  Now what do you do?  Well, there are cases in Nebraska of EXACTLY this situation, 17 year old girls having sex with 15 year old boys.  And the girl is charged with ‘sexual assault on a minor’.

To really put this in perspective, think of this analogy:

Speeding kills people every year.  When a person dies in a speeding accident that is a terrible, preventable tragedy.  We’ve already given legislature incredible power to get ‘tough on crime’.  What happens when they pass a law that goes back 15 years, and re-punishes ALL speeders, regardless if they had an accident or not.

Now let’s take LB-285, which lumps ALL violations together.  ANYONE convicted of a traffic violation for the last 15 years will lose their license, most for life.  Then put in a 500 foot ‘exclusion’ zone around all cars.  If they touch a car, or watch a car commercial, let’s charge them with a felony.  Ever get a traffic ticket?  Well, you could have killed someone, so this is not too much, is it?

But LB-285 doesn’t even just stop there.  To follow this analogy, if the convicted speeder ever accesses a road, we’ll charge them with another felony, because a road COULD be used to kill someone with a car.   If their wife or children use a car, or a road, in the registrant’s presence, the registrant can get hit with another felony.  This is exactly what legislature is doing with this law.

This is the problem with LB-285.  This traffic analogy may sound far fetched, but it’s EXACTLY what LB-285 is doing.  It’s not just punishing child rapists. It’s lumping dozens of crimes together under one umbrella ‘sex offender’, and then punishes everyone equally, as if they were the ‘worst of the worst’.  And under LB-285, if my wife sends me a text message to get a loaf of bread from the store, I get hit with a felony for using instant messaging.

Is that REALLY the kind of power you want to give legislature?  If so, please shred your constitution now, and never look back.


December 10, 2009

Sex Offender Insanity

A series of stories showing the dark side of the ‘sex offender’ craze.  These people are often considered simply ‘collateral damage’ by supporters of Adam Walsh.  Most supporters say it is no big deal to destroy a few children in an effort to brand the ‘monsters’.

Really?   I find that incredibly sad, to be willing to sacrifice a few children.

What if it were your children getting destroyed?  One can’t help but think that supporters of this law have less humanity than many of the registrants.


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