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December 17, 2009

Iowa’s ‘tough’ law puts children at high risk!!!

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Wilber said that since the residency law took effect in September 2005, hundreds of Iowa sex offenders have dropped off the registry.

referring to public perception

“I know a lot of sex offenders over there who have gone underground, and they have no idea where they’re at, what they’re doing. It make them feel safe, and they’re not safe. As a matter of fact, I’d say they’re worse. They’re probably worse off than Nebraska,” he said.



December 16, 2009

Romeo and Juliet Case Destroys a young man

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This young man age 16, fell in love with a 14 year old girl. Once he turned 17 (and she 15) he was charged with sexual assault on a minor because her mother thought she was too young for a committed relationship.  So he became a ‘dangerous sex offender’, for having consensual sex with his girlfriend 2 years younger than him.  He was degraded and humiliated to the point he left school, and is forced to move away from his family. Neighbors see his name on the registry and harass him, and file police complaints against him for simply playing basketball with what few friends he has left.

His life is over, for doing something most of us have done. This shows the true injustice of these laws.


December 10, 2009

Sex Offender Registration – Good idea gone bad

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Started as a great idea, but like most things in Washington, it’s gone too far to the point where it is no longer a good idea.


Patty Wetterling says it’s gone too far!

Patty Wetterling was the driving force behind the creation of the ‘sex offender’ registry.  Now with Adam Walsh Act, she is actively petitioning to stop registries, because they have gone too far.  She is now focusing her efforts to stop the tide, because it’s doing more harm than good.

To take a person who has dedicated her life to stopping child exploitation, and turn her into campaigning AGAINST Adam Walsh Act should be a major red flag to all politicians.  She hired an attorney to fight Adam Walsh Act in Ohio, and in Omaha we have been in contact with her attorney to fight in Nebraska as well.

“Everybody wants to out-tough the next legislator. ‘I’m tough on crime,’ ‘No, I’m even more tough.’ It’s all about ego and boastfulness,” says Wetterling.


Sex Offender Insanity

A series of stories showing the dark side of the ‘sex offender’ craze.  These people are often considered simply ‘collateral damage’ by supporters of Adam Walsh.  Most supporters say it is no big deal to destroy a few children in an effort to brand the ‘monsters’.

Really?   I find that incredibly sad, to be willing to sacrifice a few children.

What if it were your children getting destroyed?  One can’t help but think that supporters of this law have less humanity than many of the registrants.


Society feels safer by making ‘sex offenders’ more desperate?

This story is from Texas, but illustrates the complete lack of sense that these laws make.

“If there is someone who is a registered sex offender living down the street from you, would you rather (have) them home alone, unemployed, desperate and homeless, or have a job, afford probation, treatments fees and counseling?” Molnar asked. “People can’t be productive members of society without a job. This won’t allow them to work.”


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