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December 17, 2009

Nebraska Taxpayers to Pay $3 Million for an Ineffective Registry?

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Implementation of LB 285 will:

  • Make Nebraska a more dangerous place for children.  It forces law enforcement to keep track of all registrants no matter how likely they are to reoffend.  It will be easier for truly dangerous registrants to evade an already overburdened law enforcement and criminal justice system.
  • Permit truly dangerous registrants to “hide in plain sight” by being lumped in with low- to no-risk registrants, some of whom didn’t even have victims.
  • Cost Nebraska taxpayers about $2.8 million, all because the federal government threatens to cut off some $129,000 in funding.  The State of Arizona has decided not to implement a similar law because it cannot afford to do so and public policy experts realize the law will do no good.
  • Position Nebraska in opposition to such widely known children’s advocates as John Walsh and Patty Wetterling, both of whom have publicly denounced the very type of legislation that was enacted under LB 285. Why have they taken that stand? Because both recognize that the law makes communities less safe for children.
  • Do irreparable harm to registrants (and their families) who long ago completed their sentences, succeeded in therapy and became respected, productive, tax-paying citizens.

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