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We have started a collaboration of FAMILIES who will be destroyed by the Nebraska version of Adam Walsh Act, commonly known as LB-285.  We are going to try to keep everyone up to date on this site.   This site is to support registrants who have changed their life, and the families of these registrants.

Proponents say ‘if it saves only one child….’.   But the problem is, it will hurt or destroy 1000s of families and children in Nebraska alone, in some mis-guided sense that it possibly, might, maybe protect just one.  We want to protect children, but it needs to be done with something that works, not vigilante public degradation.  Numerous studies nationwide prove that this approach makes registrants more likely to reoffend, so the very law labeled the ‘child safety and protection act’, truly makes the problem worse.  Even John Walsh himself, in a November Nightline interview, admitted on television that this has gone out of control.  He publically stated this is nothing like the law he championed.  He publically came out and admitted that politicians have gotten this all wrong, and are diluting the problem.

NOT ALL registrants are pedophiles.  Studies show that only about 10% of child-based sex offenses are true pedophiles, yet this law persecutes the other 90% ‘as if’ they were part of the 10%, as well as non child offenses.

There are people who will be labeled Tier 3 under LB-285, who are not only not dangerous, but don’t even have victims.  Some of these registrants completed rehabilitation and their ‘time’ years ago, but LB-285 ignores all rehabilitation, and attempts to destroy them for things they have already rehabilitated from.  This law is so cruel and unconstitutional, that it is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600’s.  If you think LB-285 is a viable solution, then you need to read the research, and understand what it truly does.  You will see that it treats a 15 year old/17 year old consensual sexual relationship exactly the same as a 50 year old man raping and murdering  a 2 year old child.  No one can honestly think the 2 are equal, but LB-285 treats them as equal.

We DO NOT support pedophiles, we DO NOT support child exploitation, and we do not approve of child violence.  We do believe that there are registrants who have rehabilitated, and there are registrants who are not dangerous to the public.  We are here to defend these people and the families that support them.  If you are a vigilante here to persecute child molesters or child predators, you are on the wrong site, because no one here approves of child molestation.

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