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December 10, 2009

LB-285 Sacrificing constitution for money?

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LB-285 violates 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th, and 14th Amendment of the registrant, as well as 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th Amendment of spouse and children.  So what is the price that our Senate puts on striping the constitution?  You might be surprised.

LB-285 was implemented in response to the Federal government’s Adam Walsh Act.  The Federal government mandated that states implement the Adam Walsh Act or lose 10% of their Jag Byrnes funding.  So Senators say ‘their hands were tied’, and they ‘were forced to do this’.  Because ‘in this economy, they can’t lose 10% of their funding’.

Ok.  So how much do they lose if they don’t violate the constitution?

According to the Department of Justice, Nebraska’s Jag Byrnes Funding was $1,288,957.  If they do not implement Adam Walsh Act, they stand to lose 10%, or $128,895.

So what is LB-285 going to cost?  According to the same Department of Justice figures, $2,878,281.    But other estimates put the number closer to $6,000,000 of tangible costs, not counting all of the intangible costs.  Such as registrants who are no longer employable and live on welfare.  Bankruptcies when registrants can no longer work.  Court costs as the state has to defend LB-285.   And if Ohio is any indication, you can expect 911 and law enforcment to get taxed to breaking points as the public panics over the number of registrants that will go public.

Even taking the low numbers.  Our Senate signed a bill into law to save $128,000 knowing it would cost nearly $3,000,000 to save that $128,000?  And if they bothered to check ANY of the studies on the law, every study shows that the law doesn’t work, and makes the public more at risk?  Or is it possible they signed a bill not even knowing it would cost 20 to 40 times what it would save?

If your Senator tells you they did this for the money, then you need to ask them if they checked ANY of the facts behind this before signing this.  It’s no wonder our state is in financial turmoil if we make it a habit to spend $3,000,000 to save $128,000 on a law that every subject matter expert says is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

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So what price does Nebraska Senate put on shredding the constitution?  They are throwing money away just to be able to take away rights of individuals with no victims.


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