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December 10, 2009

Fallacy of Recidivism and Low Risk Registrants

Recidivism – Risk of Repeat Offense.  Supporters of public registry say that even the lowest risk people MUST be on the registry for ‘public safety’.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, only 5% of ‘sex offenders’ repeat their crimes (see link on right).

Most studies, including U.S. Department of Justice, and Justice and Policy Center site that 90%+ of ALL sex offenses are committed by first time offenders.

Reason would demand, that if 90% of all sex offenses are done by a non registered person, then an unregistered person is more likely to be ‘at risk’ to the public then a registrant (since DOJ states only 5% will reoffend).

If the public demands that even low risk people should be on the internet, then why not register everyone ‘to be safe’.

My point is to show the diminishing returns of the registry.  At some point, registrants need to be allowed to move on, especially if studies show that therapy is over 95% effective.

To put these people on the registry for life is truly barbaric, no better than the way witches were treated in medieval times.

The public registry halts rehabilitation, and makes re-integration into society absolutely impossible.  Leaving most registrants jobless, homeless, and completely desperate.  The public registry is truly a self fulfilling prophecy.  The public registry does more to make a registrant dangerous, then it ever will to make even a single child safer.  The registry does not stop registrants from doing anything.  It simply makes their life more difficult, and gives public a false sense of security.

Mandatory therapy is truly the only answer towards making the public safer.  Public degradation does nothing to promote safety.


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