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December 4, 2009

The Media Hype has begun

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Notice that Douglas County Chief Deputy Sheriff Marty Bilek has reservations about the new law

The list of names on the Nebraska State Patrol’s sex offender registry website will soon get a lot longer. It’s not because there’s been a huge jump in sex crime convictions, but rather a change in state law.

“Currently only the level three offenders are public information on the state patrol’s website,” said Dep. Mike Smith with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. “As of the first of the year, all registered sex offenders will be public information and will be found on the website.”

That means anyone convicted of a sex crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, will have their picture and information posted.

Douglas County Chief Deputy Sheriff Marty Bilek has reservations about grouping all offenders together. “I personally feel that more discretion is better. I kind of thought in the past that it would be worthwhile for a judge to hear all the mitigating circumstances, all the aggravating, and then make a decision about what level this particular sex offender should be. That will be done in the new system, but it will be more automatic and less discretion.”

The sex offender registry laws were changed by the Nebraska Legislature last May. The new rules bring the state into compliance with the Adam Walsh Act passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in 2006.

“We suspect there will be an influx of sex offenders coming in to register,” Bilek said. “In some cases there will be people who never had to register before, but do now. Not only that. But the registration process is more complicated than it used to be.”

When registering, offenders not only provide their address, but must list e-mail addresses as well as any online user names they have for things like chat rooms and social networking sites.

They will also have to have their fingerprints and picture taken, and provide a DNA sample.

Any offender who knowingly violates the new rules of the sex offender registry can be charged with a felony.


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